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Mini Murals

Mini Murals

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This kit comes beautifully packaged with everything you need to get your paint on. You provide the easel.


This kit is perfect for any event and includes our paint-by-number mural vinyl installed onto a cradled frame.

Custom sizes available upon request.

Event facilitation is an optional add-on - please email for more info.

Kit Contents

Your kit includes everything you need to create your custom paint-by-number masterpiece:

  • paint-by-number vinyl installed onto a wooden cradled frame
  • professional paintbrushes (20)
  • numbered set of acrylic paints specific to your image
  • numbered paint shelf to keep your paints organized
  • two jars: one to hold paintbrushes, one to fill with water
  • artist aprons (2)
  • canvas drop cloth
  • instructions

...and a whole lotta fun!

*easel not included

Photo Tips

Here’s the top things to look for when choosing your image:

1) The photo must be yours OR you must have permission to use it

2) The best images for us to work with are:


high resolution

clear, crisp images where there is a clear difference between the main subject (e.g. someone’s face) and the background (e.g. trees or sky). Portraits work best with close up faces.

colourful & bright

Our Gallery + our Instagram page have some examples of great images to convert into a Paintillio. Have a peek and if you want some advice in selecting the best one, send your short list to us in an email and we’ll be happy to help choose the winner.


Got questions? We've got answers. (What is the new correct link to hyperlink to?)

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  • Turnaround Time

    Your kit will arrive in approximately 3 - 4 weeks. Keep in mind that holidays and other times of unusually high volume may require additional processing time.