Think of this project as a super fancy guest book - one where all the guests come together to make their mark on the couple's favourite photo, in paint-by-numbers form. The happy couple then gets to bring the painting home and cherish the collaborative experience forever.

Hot tip - bring it to the bachelor/ette to get the party started!

Birthdays + Milestone Celebrations

The extra special addition to any gathering, our custom paint-by-number kits serve the purpose of bringing your party people closer together, for any kind of celebration imaginable.

It's fun

Creating a masterpiece with a group of people is fresh, entertaining and next-level awesome! It’s the celebration station at every event.

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"I am SO happy with my Paintillio kits! I ordered a Paintsmallio Kit for myself and a Mini Mural Kit for our Meowfest office. The level of quality and detail they put into everything from customer service, packaging, branding and their product is worth every penny. I highly recommend Paintillio and will definitely be ordering more in the future. If you have any hesitations at all, don't! It is not only a fun activity to do with others but it is also therapeutic and addicting."