Full-Scale Murals

Designed to maximize meaningful connection, there's no limit to how big your Indoor or Outdoor mural can be. Participants are invited to connect on a whole new larger-than-life level.

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Mini Murals

Designed for movement and ease. Mini Murals come on a large wooden frame with a hard surface. They can be painted on an easel, hung on a wall, and they can move locations whenever you feel the need to mix things up!

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Best Team Building Activities

Mosaic Murals

Designed with flexibility in mind, Mosaic Murals can be created by your group both remotely or in-person. We've sliced + diced our Full-Scale Murals into smaller pieces so that each participant receives a piece to paint, with all of the pieces coming together as one big mural in the end.

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Make your mark.

Walking by, seeing, and taking selfies with a mural is fun. Painting a mural live with a group of people during an event is next level!

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"They bring this amazing combination of high fidelity art and community engagement. There’s no on else like them."