Create your own work of art...
without all the work.

We do the creative heavy lifting so you get to pop open the paints and watch the fun unfold.
Because when there’s a roadmap laid out for you to follow, making an inspired-by-you masterpiece becomes as easy as 1, 2, 3...literally.


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Not an artist? No worries.


If you can match numbers and stay (somewhat) between the lines, you’re perfectly skilled to rock a Paintillio.

When it’s time to put the paint to the project, it’s simple: match the numbers on the jars to the numbers in each section.

No intimidating blank canvas staring back at you. No need for experience with brushes and blending paints and finding inspiration (oh my!).

It’s as simple as following the map and watching the painting come to life.

When you’re done, recycle any unused paint/supplies by creating your own non-Paintillio painting, donating them to one of your local schools, or bring them to a recycling depot near you. 

Your customized Paintillio kit comes with everything you need to create a paint-by-number masterpiece.

- paint-by-number canvas or mural

- matching set of acrylic paints

- professional artist brushes

- and more!

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We were SO impressed with the high quality of brushes, paint, canvas apron, and numbered canvas. It’s everything we needed for the project and was easy for even the most non-artistic person to contribute. Participating in this painting process had a calming effect on many students, and we often had three working on the canvas at a time. When it was finished, we shared the canvas at a school assembly and students proudly added their signatures to the back. It’s now hanging in the entrance of the school as the first thing students, staff and parents see when they enter.

— Kama
Founder, Ethigal Blog

Find immediate confidence in front of the canvas. Watch others delight in seeing your painting take shape. Bust the myth that you have to be an artist to create something beautiful.

And leave a lasting memory with your guests, community members, friends or family.