How It Works

Create your own work of art...without all the work.

We do the creative heavy lifting so you get to pop open the paints, and watch the fun unfold.
Because when there’s a roadmap laid out for you to follow, making an inspired-by-you masterpiece becomes as easy as 1, 2, 3...literally.
Here’s how it works:
  • You choose your canvas or mural size, and send us the photo you want to convert into your paint-by-numbers project
  • We use a proprietary (a fancy word for ‘original’) piece of software to convert that photo into a custom photo-realistic image with colour-coordinated numbers
  • We hand-match and hand-mix your paints from a bank of over 300 colours to make sure we get the shades juuuust right. Did we mention we do it by hand? #eyeforcolours
  • Then we print the canvas or prep the mural vinyl, load your kit in a custom (and hand detailed) box with everything you need to make it a masterpiece, and ship or deliver your inspired-by-you project right on time.

Wrap it up with YOU having an inspired experience with your friends, family or community members where you collaborate on something meaningful and memorable.

And hopefully not too messy...other than some good-intentioned face painting.



Not an artist? No worries.

If you can match numbers and stay (somewhat) between the lines, you’re perfectly skilled to rock a Paintillio.

When it’s time to put the paint to the project, it’s simple: match the numbers on the jars to the numbers in each section.

No intimidating blank canvas staring back at you.

No need for experience with brushes and blending paints and finding inspiration (oh my!).

It’s as simple as following the map and watching the picture come to life.

When you’re done, send any unused paint back to us in the prepaid packaging in your kit; we’ll make sure it’s recycled responsibly!