Get ready to glow wild!

Add fluorescent black light paints to any of our Mini Mural or Full-Scale Mural Vinyl projects. We promise that anyone participating will be wowed!

How it works

How it works

- Send us your image; we'll work our magic to make your artwork glow.

- Choose whether to have the entire Mural glow, or just the special spots and we'll send the paint to make your glow dreams come true.

- Black lights to make the paint glow are not included, as there are multiple shapes and sizes; the ones you choose will be based on your Mural setup.

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Glow big or glow home!

Black Light Murals have that extra special touch that make us glow inside and out!

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Working with Jess and her team at Paintillio has been an absolute joy! They bring such creativity and passion to every project. Over the past two years, we've collaborated on multiple events where their paint-by-number murals have been a huge hit. It's remarkable how quickly these activations get completed and our attendees absolutely love the interactive experience. Paintillio is so accommodating on any design we throw at them and they offer endless possibilities to suit any event theme. This year we added a black light mural to our evening event and it was a really fun way to engage attendees! Our partnership with Paintillio has been amazing and we can’t wait to plan our next collaboration with them. If you're looking for a team that's not only talented but also fun to work with, you're in amazing hands with Paintillio. Highly recommended!