Artist Series

Our Paintsmallio kit with a twist! Designed in partnership with a select group of North American artists; we've turned their chosen artwork into handcrafted paint-by-numbers kits, paintable by anyone!

Art for everyone

We offer the Artist Series Kits as our only pre-made retail item. Do you want to sell the Artist Series in your shop?

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"With the holidays keeping us all safely socially distanced, I wanted to create an opportunity to stay connected with my mum + sister in a fun + creative way - which is when Paintillio popped into my mind! I bought 3 Sarah Symes Artist Series Kits + sent them to my family members....then we hopped on Zoom and painted together! It was So special to have something to chat over, that we were all creating, and that offered us something to talk about *other* than the pandemic ;) The unboxing experience was SUPER special and I was blown away by the high quality of every piece - not only the tools to get the painting done but the resources inside to make sure the experience was a positive + successful one. I'll 100% be ordering more kits in the future - THANK YOU!"