Paintillio murals come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours because everyone's needs are different. Completely customizable in every way possible, send us your idea and we'll make it happen.

Mural Vinyls

Printed on an adhesive-backed vinyl and installed like wallpaper, these paint-by-number murals are meant to live indoors but you're allowed to paint them outdoors, too! Wild, we know.

They come as easy-to-install strips, adhere to any smooth surface and can be removed with no damage whatsoever...and then re-installed again.

Basically, we're making miracles happen over here.

Mural Panels

These murals are amazing because they can live inside OR outside!

Our paint-by-number mural panels come printed directly on aluminum panel, ready to be installed then painted, or painted then installed. This lightweight material is easy to ship and weather resistant so your collaborative masterpiece can be appreciated for years to come.

They bring a splash of colour to any place they pop up!

What's included

Your mural kit includes everything you need to create your custom paint-by-number masterpiece:

  • paint-by-number mural vinyl or panels
  • professional paintbrushes
  • numbered set of acrylic paints specific to your image
  • numbered paint shelf to keep your paints organized
  • two jars: one to hold paintbrushes, one to fill with water
  • artist aprons
  • canvas drop cloth
  • instructions

...and a whole lotta fun!


All prices are in Canadian Dollars.

We create full-scale murals of any size and there's no limit to how large they can be. Pricing starts at $3000CAD and the minimum size is 30 square feet. Please contact us directly for your custom quote. 

This kit is perfect for any event and includes our paint-by-number vinyl or panels, ready to be installed and painted.

Recommended add-on for events with artists under the age of 10:

• Kids' Decoy kit for $395CAD

Fine art prints of the completed mural for participants:

$20 - $100CAD/print with bulk pricing options available - please inquire for more info.

Get your custom quote

The Kids' Decoy Kit: you'll thank us later...

We want events to be all-inclusive AND we want your Paintillio to turn out great! Our kids' "decoy" kit is a strongly recommended add-on for public events and private events where kids under the age of 10 will be in attendance.

• blank white 36" x 24" canvas
• paintbrushes
• washable tempera paints
• two jars: one to hold paintbrushes, one to fill with water
• wooden easel
• natural cotton apron
• canvas drop cloth
• 2 x mini standing boards labelled "big artists" and "little artists"

See Why

It's interactive

It’s not just a painting - it’s a hands-on, collaborative and inclusive experience that anyone can take part in.

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"With this mural, there will be a lot of people who put their hands on this. And I can’t help but think in the future, people will see this and get a good sense of community coming together in a new way."