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Custom paint-by-number kits and collaborative murals for Y-O-U to paint

We turn any photo/image into hyper-realistic paint-by-numbers for your next event or at-home project

Fire up the fun.

Inspire connection.

And try to stay inside the lines.

We create custom paint-by-number kits and collaborative murals for Y-O-U to paint. We turn any photo/image into high-quality, hyper-realistic paint-by-numbers of any size for your next event or at home project.

Bring your people together to connect and create with custom paint-by-number canvases and murals that feature your favourite photos.

Get your creativity on, online.

So many of the ways we’ve gathered to celebrate + connect are on hold. Make the most of the present moment, and bring your people a new way to be together, regardless of geography.

Virtual Events

Create something that’s uniquely YOU.

We work our magic and turn any photo into a done-by-you work of art.

Then you uncap the paint, and see your image come to life - right before your eyes.


What do you get when two fine artists with a shared love of pugs take a paint-by-numbers joke seriously?

You get Paintillio.

Read our full story and what brought this big idea to life.


Get a feel for what it’s like to take part in creating your own Paintillio.


Come find us in the community and make your mark!


Having Paintillio at our wedding was definitely a highlight! The guests had so much fun and now we have an amazing piece of art to remind us of the evening.

— Tori Poynton, Halifax