Paintillio Kit


custom paint-by-number kits and collaborative murals

Bring your community together to connect and create with custom paint by number canvases and murals that feature your favourite photos.

We work our magic and turn any photo into a done-by-you work of art. Then you uncork the paint, and see your image come to life - right before your eyes.

Our vision


Celebrate. Create. Collaborate. 


Give your guests something to talk about - and collaborate on. We're talking MAJOR ice-breaker for guests to mingle and collaborate on together. Think super-awesome wedding guest book.

*Pro Tip: got engagement photos? Consider having a Paintillio created from one of those photos to be painted at your wedding!*


Kick your event up a big, creative notch! From Car Free days to Pride parades, to festivals of all shapes and sizes, we offer canvas and mural sizing based on your space and the number of people attending. Whatever your end goal is, we’ll help you choose a photo that expresses your vision, and pour our hearts and souls into making it memorable.


Party on Wayne! Kick up the memorable-factor and customize any birthday, engagement, bachelor(ette), anniversary, commemorative, baby shower, or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pizza party with a painting that lasts well beyond the party. We can do any and all of these! Super-easy awesomeness is the name of the game (as long as the party animals are aged 10+).


Treat yo’self to an activity that’s as addictive as Sudokus and nicer to hang on your wall than a puzzle glued to felt backing (anyone else?). Your fave pics turned into works of art are a great addition to any date night with yourself or someone else. Totally unique, impressively original and 100% done-by-you...and anyone lucky enough to give you a hand ;)


Big or small, no matter the space you’re filling, we’ve got you! An inspired-by-you mural is great way to spruce up any space with a brand-spankin’ new masterpiece that’s customized down to the square inch. Draft up a group text and get your pals on board to help paint; murals are known to cause memories and endless amounts of laughter. Be ready for a joy-overload.


Interactive, hands-on, engaging and fun; that’s the power of Paintillio and teams. Whether you’re hosting a meeting, event, outing or party, it’s something for your whole team to collaborate on together.

Easy and accessible for everyone to contribute to, it’s a piece of display-worthy art that’ll be the talk of the town (or office).

Paintillio Kit




Our story


Paintillio is a collab between best friends, black pug owners and business gurus, Lyssa Kayra and Jess Devenport; who took a crazy idea and turned it into a meaningful way for communities to come together to celebrate, create, and collaborate.

Meet the founders

Your custom paint-by-number maestros


is the Chief Creative Director for Paintillio. As a professional artist & entrepreneur, she’s spent her entire life dedicated to surrounding herself in a world of beauty.


is the Chief Business Director for Paintillio. She is an artist, world traveler and entrepreneur who loves action packed adventures and kicking things up a notch.

Paintillio began with a great mind and a coupl'a great attitudes. For years, Lyssa was creating custom paint-by-number paintings for friends’ weddings… painstakingly by hand. After hundreds of hours drawing lines and numbers, she decided it was time to take things to the next level. The idea was there, they just needed someone to give it a good, swift kick in the butt; enter Jess. Paintillio hit the ground running and we can’t stop…won’t stop.

"Having Paintillio at our wedding was definitely a highlight! The guests had so much fun and now we have an amazing piece of art to remind us of the evening."

-Tori Poynton, Halifax

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