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from apART!

Reinventing Collaboration in the time of COVID

Spending time apart is the socially responsible thing to do these days. 

But, distance doesn’t have to disrupt plans to collaborate + stay connected with groups or teams.

What does this mean? We’ve put our innovation caps on and turned our in-person art experiences into virtual collaborations (true story).

Help your people feel connected, no matter the distance.

For team building events, family gatherings, online summits, community groups (really any group you’re gathering online), Collaborative Virtual Event Kits make online meetups a stepped-up, engaging experience that are meaningful, creative, and of course, fun!

Choose the kit that suits your needs:

Individual Canvases

*A personal project that is created alongside others, virtually*

Everyone gets the same image OR everyone receives a personalized one, hand stretched on a professional-grade canvas to paint + hang in their own home.

Each kit includes:

• One 12"x18" or 12"x12" canvas print on a gallery-style frame

• Numbered set of acrylic paints specific to the image provided

• Professional paint brushes (3)

• A magnifying glass monocle

• Instructions

...and a whole ton of long-distance fun!


Personalized Images (aka everyone chooses their own):

1-10 kits $225CAD/kit
11-25 kits $220CAD/kit
26-50 kits $215CAD/kit
50+ kits $205CAD/kit

One Custom Image (everyone paints the same image):

1-10 kits $225CAD/kit
11-25 kits $215CAD/kit
26-50 kits $205CAD/kit
50+ kits $195CAD/kit

Collaborative Murals

*A virtual group project, where every piece is part of the bigger picture*

Each participant receives a square vinyl to paint and send back to you, with all the pieces coming together as one giant mural in the end.

Each kit includes:

• One 12"x12" print on adhesive-backed vinyl - this material is a professional grade adhesive-backed vinyl that you can install + remove with zero damage or residue left behind... promise!

• Numbered set of acrylic paints specific to the image provided

• Professional paint brushes (3)

• A magnifying glass monocle

• Painting + mural installation instructions

• Fine art print of the final artwork (after the mural has been assembled and photographed)

...and a whole ton of long-distance fun!


1-50 units $125CAD/kit

51-100 units $115CAD/kit

101+ units $105CAD/kit

Easy as 1, 2, 3...4, 5!

1. You send us the image (or images) you’d like to have turned into your custom paint-by-numbers

2. We process your image(s) into your canvases or mural squares

3. We pack up each individual kit and ship them straight to you

4. You distribute them to each of your participants, and set up your online event through your video conferencing host of choice

5. They unpack, you all log on, and the creativity-fuelled collaboration + connection begins!

With the limitations on events during these COVID times we had to find an alternative for our staff event and an online paint night was the perfect solution. Our team had a really good time, we really enjoyed ourselves, we were able to feel connected to each other from the comfort of our own homes.  And an added plus, this online format enabled all our staff to participate in one event which is a great advantage when we are bringing people together from 3 locations on Vancouver Island and 3 in the Lower Mainland. 

-Teresa Keefer, U-Lock Mini Storage

Set yourself up for a standout (online) event.