Plan a corporate event that's un-freaking-forgettable.

Who ever said corporate events had to be dull? Our custom paint-by-number murals provide a fun, relaxing and creative activity that’ll put a smile on everyone’s face. Yup, even Dave from accounting.

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Our custom mural kits are perfect for...

Bringing your team together

Standing out at trade shows or conferences

Sharing your brand story

How it works

Choose a kickass image. In our initial consultation, we’ll work with you to help you choose the right image in the correct dimensions at the proper resolution, and format it for your custom mural.

Receive your kit. Within 3-4 weeks of sending us your final artwork, you’ll receive your complete kit that will include everything you need to create your masterpiece.

Get messy with your team. Depending on the size of your team, we recommend you schedule half a day to a full day so you’re not rushing to complete your work of art.

Proudly hang that sucker up. Once the painting is complete, don’t just stash it out of sight but proudly display it so everyone can see the final product when everybody came together to work on something meaningful.

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There's nothing we love more than seeing art bring people together. It's why we started this whole thang (and our shared love of pugs). We can't wait to hear about your team and to start dreaming with you about your custom mural. Fill out the form to get in touch and if you have any questions, please, please PLEASE reach out.