Make it easy

Not actually SO mini but definitely mighty, these murals are Paintillio's solution to having an easily-moveable mural. Paint them, hang them, and move them all around. No installation required - they're ready to paint, just like a canvas!

Option to order them in multiples for an even-mightier experience.

How it works

Mini Murals come on a cradled frame. What is this you ask? It's a wooden frame with a hard surface that's ready to hang on your wall. We apply our paint-by-number mural material to the front, you provide the easel and voila - it's ready to paint.

Just like a canvas but stronger; the Mini Mural's strength is ideal for group painting and makes shipping worry-free.

Mini Murals can be ordered in single or multiple pieces that hang on their own or together as one larger mural. Have a vision or don't know where to start? We're experts at this and we'll help your project come to life.

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The Kids' Decoy Kit: you'll thank us later...

We want events to be all-inclusive AND we want your Paintillio to turn out great! Our kids' "decoy" kit is a strongly recommended add-on for public events and private events where kids under the age of 10 will be in attendance.

• blank white 36" x 24" canvas
• paintbrushes
• washable tempera paints
• two jars: one to hold paintbrushes, one to fill with water
• wooden easel
• natural cotton apron
• canvas drop cloth
• 2 x mini standing boards labelled "big artists" and "little artists"

See Why

Feel good creating a cooperative group environment, where everyone is an artist and they can all make their mark.

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“We absolutely love Paintillio! The beautiful people at Paintillio created a custom piece which hangs in our lodge at Nectar Yoga. The attention to detail, the gorgeous custom paint colours and paint pots, the paint brushes, the branded aprons, the beautiful wooden display all contribute to the quality of this product experience. Over the past 4 months our guests have all contributed to painting and bringing to life our work of art. It has been a meditative and collective journey. We highly recommend Paintillio.”