Your Paintillio kit comes with:

  • paint-by-number vinyl or canvas
  • professional paintbrushes
  • numbered set of acrylic paints specific to your image
  • two jars: one to hold paintbrushes, one to fill with water
  • artist apron(s)
  • canvas drop cloth
  • numbered paint shelf to keep your paints organized (Full Scale Murals and Mini Murals only)
  • instructions

So, what do YOU need to supply?

Enthusiastic facilitators to run the activation!

A table to house your supplies

Vinyl/Panel/Mosaic Mural: your wall or surface to adhere you Paintillio mural vinyl or panels to

Mini Mural: an easel or two. We recommend a sturdy one with a ratchet base like this one

Vinyl Installation: Mural Vinyls + Mosaic Murals

Have a fabulous event!

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