Arrow Electronics | Team Building + Corporate Gifts

Arrow Electronics | Team Building + Corporate Gifts

Ever wonder if there’s a way to create branded gifts for the people that matter most to your business—staff, sales teams, agents, community members, or clients—that people actually cherish? Gone are the days of swag bags stuffed with branded pens, journals and coffee cups - and here are the days of creative ways to gift or celebrate the folks you do.

Now - a disclaimer! There’s no shade intended and no shame if swag bags work as a practice in your biz; it’s an age-old marketing and brand placement strategy that’s as smart as it is practical. AND: with conscious consumerism on the rise, and with folks seeking meaningful experiences, products and businesses they deeply connect with, finding innovative and creative ways to bring your branding to life is what will make your business stand out in this new market.

Arrow Electronics was the first team we worked with who did it really, really well.

Back in the days of Paintillio yore (read: four years ago), we were hosting a mural at an event for event planners (so meta, right?) in Vancouver. That’s where we met Leda; the Director of Arrow Events at Arrow Electronics, on the hunt for unique and creative ways to bring the members of the President’s Club—Arrow’s leading sales employees—together at their annual celebration. Leda saw the paint-by-numbers and the big idea was born:

  • Bring Paintillio to their annual event: an all expenses paid trip for 5 days, focused on celebrating and appreciating Arrow’s top sellers. 

  • The attendees would complete the painting, we would photograph the completed piece, then create small prints on canvas for each individual, thoughtfully branded with Arrow’s logo and the year of the event.

We were floored by Leda’s vision and creativity: gathering people in community to celebrate and create, making memories that last well beyond the event itself, and a business blending thoughtful branding with meaningful gift giving that had a unique personal touch for every single participant. It may just be the trifecta of perfecta - and making it happen for such a fun, people-centric business out to do things differently and embrace new experiences was an absolute joy. 

We’ve been hosting and facilitating Paintillios at the President’s Club celebrations for four years now; a true privilege and one of the most fun weeks we get to spend immersed in a client’s community. To witness their community up close and personal, to see people jump in to make their mark, and to get to do it all in some of the most beautiful venues we’ve been to yet is a huge gift. To get to use our expertise to help capture the magic of the week in the art and the prints everyone receives is a real privilege. 

Have an upcoming team building event that you’d like to turn into a memory—and a piece of memorabilia—that lasts a lifetime? Contact us - let’s put our creative minds together and see how we can pair up to bring Painitllio to your next team building event or celebration, then into the homes of all the participants you invite!

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